River explorer Jyun Iizumi

Welcome!! He opened this homepage so that I may tell the charm of a favorite river. Although Japan of our country has a narrow country, many rivers are flowing. Although I think that there is an attractive river also in your country, there is a wonderful river also in Japan of our country. By all means, please get to know the beautiful river in Japan. And please also tell the thing of the river your country. It is wishing from the heart being utilized as a place of exchange in which people of the river lover this homepage is all over the world gather.

Jyun Iizumi Profile

October 9, 1963 Tokyo Mitaka birth The D.J. and music writer of radio are experienced through bookstore service after graduating from the Takushoku University foreign language faculty graduation. It is an account of the trip writer, and he is a magazine "waterside guide" issuer now.

Please give me the opinion comment over an unknown point and this homepage by e-mail about the river in Japan.

            River Negawa (Tachikawa,Tokyo)

              Jyoren Falls(Izu,Shizuoka)

           River Minamiasakawa(Hachiouji,Tokyo)

         River Naraigawa(Shiojiri,Nagano)

      River Neo-Nishidanigawa(Motosu Gifu)